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Old 03-06-2008, 03:11 PM
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Default Hello Everyone, I just ordered my D2 and a Couple ?'s

Im totally stoked, I just bought my D2, now for the wait until it gets here. I just wanted to say hi since Ill be in this part of the forums for a long while I hope. My Sansa e260 died (partially anyhow) yesterday and I didnt like Sandisks response to my phone call, so here I am in the D2 camp!

Of course I pop in here and the first thread is titled that the user is returning it. But I read that it is all about playlists. I have a couple questions for you fine folks.

1. The reason I didnt like the e260 was due to its need to use WMP11 or a service to make playlists. All my music is sorted on my PC using the file tree method. It is my understanding that it will work in this fashion on my D2? So if I want a playlist I can just make a folder and call it for example "easy listening" and put all my easy listening music in it? Is that correct, thats what I want. None of this id3 tagging or whatever you call it.

2. Is there a lanyard available, I like to carry my player around my neck under my shirt. I havent found anything yet.

3. Will anyone actually read this post since its so dang long LOL.
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