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Default Rockbox and Sansa dock?

I'm a Mac user and I'm fed up with the hit-and-miss nature of getting my E280 v1, running 01.02.18A , to show up on the desktop as a USB drive. I also use a Sansa dock, which is why I can't downgrade to the earlier firmware that does work with Macs more reliably, but doesn't work with the dock.
Does anyone know if Rockbox is compatible with the dock?
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Rockbox does not support USB
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First off, this is the wrong place for this question -- this forum is for Rockbox themes questions only. General Rockbox questions belong in the e200 Rockbox forum.

In answer to your question, Rockbox does not yet support transferring files over USB on the Sansa at all, so you'd still have to use the original firmware for that. Work is currently underway to remedy this situation (check out this thread for more information). However even when the file transfer support is implemented, there's no guarantee that it will work with the dock.

You can charge the battery over USB with Rockbox, but I have no idea whether this functionality is compatible with a Sansa dock.

Your best bet is "try and and see".
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If the dock requires some specific firmware version of the sandisk firmware, theres no way its going to work unless you write code to handle whatever the sandisk firmware does.
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