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Old 03-01-2008, 09:28 AM
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Thumb Down What do you hate about Zune? (sure we all love them...but)

I love my Zune, however, Microsoft engineered a feature that favors Microsoft's bottom line. Like most large compaies that really are after your money more than your loyalty.

First the lies about the battery time. I have only read of tests that fall hours short of what Microsoft claims. CNET tested the Zunes battery life and the best they could get was 22 hours. Of course I am sure that is just letting the thing sit and play. My real world experience is much less than 22 hours. No big-deal that my Zune is going to end-up being spent in half the time. If the battery drains almost twice as fast and you have about 500 charge cycles your Zune will die much sooner.

If the Zune could do 30 hours with each full charge you should get approx, 15,000 hours of use having 500 charge cycles. If the zune only get's about 17 hours you only have 8500 hours of use. I get about 17 hours per charge and that is being nice as my device about half the time will get 15 hours or less.

The Zune instructions booklet. They only mention the method to turn off the Zune to standby. The rotten thing about this is that in this mode the battery just continues to drain. No mention of the down and back method to turn off the Zune 100%. Microsoft leaving this little tidbit of information out seems deliberate because if a person only uses the stand-by method in the booklet their Zune won't last as long.

Sure, I will get the next gen also when it arrives, but, a little honesty from a filthy rich company is prefered.
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