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Old 02-29-2008, 05:21 AM
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Default iPod Touch VS Samsung P2 - consumer's/my Point of view

Why I have written this article.
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<!--[endif]-->1.I own a Samsung YP-P2 , and I love it. I just scrolled thru the net to find out harsh comments that apple fanboys post about Samsung and the P2 as seen. These stupid nonsense comments can be seen in youtube video comparisions, yahoo questions, etc.
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<!--[endif]-->2.Its not that I hate the iPod Touch, its just I wanna show people the differences and the choice is upto them.
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<!--[endif]-->3.I kept thinking about this article, and I have a BIG exam tmrw which will decide whether I can go to college or not. So I had to write it so I can study in peace..

I am going to bore u a little by talking about myself. I am in the 12<sup>th</sup> grade and my board exams are going on, if I screw these exams I may never get admission in college.

How I Bought the P2
The story begins when I had to do this big marketing project, and the topic I thought of was Music Players, so I had to collect pictures and ads on music players. I thought of showing a real iPod nano after showing the ad to the examiner, so I wanted to purchase one. I checked out the prices and it was Dhs.899/US$250 and I felt its f***ing high. One day I ended up with an ad of the p2 and two other Samsung players, I found the P2 interesting. It was Dhs 999/US$270. I checked out reviews and stuff about the P2. Then I saw anythingbutipod and I saw that abi had a forum specially for the P2, when I came to know about the P2 and how better it was than the nano for just a 100 increase, I decided to get a P2 so I asked my dad for it on the new year. He said after my exams he wud get me(I had exams in January also, they were pre-boards). So finally my exams ended and then still I didn’t get the P2 cuz it wasn’t in stock. I waited a few days and then I got it. And here I am a proud owner of P2 and member of abi. When there wasn’t any stock of p2 the dealer told my dad to ask me if I wud like to buy the iPhone(I know this article is about the touch, but the iPhone aint that different.) and I immediately said no.
Here are links to:
Apple iPod Touch Home Page
Samsung P2 Home Page
Samsung P2 review on abi written by EnzoTen. EnzoTen has reviewed dozens of music players and Samsung P2 is a proud winner of the Editor’s Choice.
Comparision between Samsung P2 and iPod Touch
Video Comparision between P2 and the iPod Touch. Its a great comparision, the flicker of the p2 screen is due to the camera and remember the p2 over here isnt the updated one. P.S If you dont wanna read the comments dont but if you want to know how stupid and idiotic fanboys are scroll thru 20+ pages like me.

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Okay, now I am going to answer as to why is the iPod so popular. The answer is brilliant marketing. Just compare the amounts that Apple spends on marketing its iPods and compare any other dap brand. Well good marketing comes at a cost. Which are the huge expenses that apple has to pay for its marketing. But what did apple get in return of so much marketing, the answer is more than half the dap market. Today the reason iPods are so common or popular is because Apple has spent a lot in its marketing.
Now since a product or brand is so popular , that doesn’t mean it’s the best. At abi, we don’t HATE iPods, we just don’t like em . We would prefer other devices over the iPod.
Samsung P2 8GB black>Sennheiser PX100
Want an SDK for the Samsung YP-P2? Vote here
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