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Default D2 Poltergeist, Themes and more!

Well, it didn't take me but a week and a half to drive my D2 insane. Or it was a poltergeist. Whatever the case, first thing this morning my D2 began refusing to access data on the SDHC and resorted to freezing to keep me away from the data. Strangely, Windows had no trouble accessing the card through a normal reader or the D2, and the D2 didn't refresh its ID3 database to denote missing files. It would just lock up solid when I navigated beyond album level, whether in folder mode or ID3.

e.g. I could go to "Artists -> Jethro Tull" and see the list of albums, but if I delve one folder further into any of the albums, it would freeze. Same thing applies to my folder structure, which is organized by Genre/Artist/Album/<songs>. I could browse through the whole tree until I try to access the mp3/flac files within the album folders themselves.

So, thoroughly bemused, I cleared off the card and dropped it back in to clean the ID3 database out, then dropped an album on to test it. Freeze. I tried a few other things but ultimately gave up and decided to try a firmware update to fix it. I'd been using v2.54 without a single freeze or problem for over a week, but wasn't sure it'd have any effect reinstalling it so I went with 3.54 instead. Hey, if it's messed up I can downgrade, right?

Luckily, I haven't had to do that so far. After installing 3.54 all of my tracks are back to normal, with none of the reported database corruption, and I haven't had a crash yet. As of right now my mysterious issue has been resolved, so I moved on to poking through the available themes and flash skins over on the iAudiophile forums.

There are a lot of really well made themes and skins, but not many that match. I know I'm picky as hell about UI stuff but switching between a flash skin and the menu or music list when both look totally different feels weird to me. I settled for the glassy Clear View theme without a flash skin for now, but I'll keep trying flash skins out and see if I like any of them enough to keep. Until then, major respect to the guys that can put together 200+ TGAs into a theme or write a Flash skin. I'll be looking forward to new releases from the talented fellows that do what I most certainly can't!

...I think I've run out of things to say. Oh wait I haven't tried any flash apps/games on the D2 yet! I'll...ah, actually I'll stop typing now.

Discussions about weird D2 encounters, flash skins and themes are now open!
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