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Default Which one?

Should I get the regular rockbox from or should I get one of the user created ones. I forgot their names but like chris and ccphan, etc.

Is theres better? And whihc 1 is the best out of the user ones. Thank you
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If you want better support via their IRC, I will say Rockbox's build. If you want more options and patches preloaded, I will say one of the user ones.
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I prefer chrisjs branch because it has a lot of features that the official one doesn't. I see no harm in going with a custom build because (almost)everything that is in the official build would be in the custom+more. I like chrisjs build over others because it is updated everytime svn is updated (might not be working as of late). I used to use cpchan build but to me it was updated every month(extreme exaggeration). In the end it all come down to you. my guess is to flip a coin heads=custom tails=official
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...or you could try out compiling your own with your own patches. It helps tremendously if you are thinking about a move to Linux and compiling your own programs.

On the other hand, it's quite time consuming. I personally don't make my own builds unless there's a really cool patch that comes up.
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You can download all of them and then check witch one is best for you...
personally I'm using Cpchan Menu build and only one minus of this build you can find is (usualy) long time between new releases...but is worth waiting
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