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Old 02-17-2008, 07:42 PM
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Lightbulb How to unbrick the P2 with the looping updating screen using FWDN

Hello, I will try to explain the steps that I made to unbrick my P2, so maybe there will be some errors, so, if you get stuck in a step, post about it and i will try to find out what went wrong.

First of all, you need the firmware that you had previously (if you don't remember there is a way to know it later), and the firmware that you were tring to install on the player. From now, I will call the previous firmware as "Old FW", and the one you are trying to use, as "New FW".

Then download the recovery application from the attached file in this first post.

Also, make sure your P2 has its battery full or almost full. If you cannot tell because of the loop, just plug it to your PC, or any thing with USB ports for 1 or 2 hours.

Are you ready? let's get started...

1. Open the FWDN.exe application.
2. Load the ROM of the New FW. (Some users have problems loading the ROM of the New FW, if you are one of those users, load the ROM of the Old FW. Thanks to hardcase for this info.)
3. Enter to Options>Preferences, and change the SDRAM Size to: 32M-32bit-0x20000000
3. Connect the P2 to the computer.
4. Press and hold the power button. While pressing the power button, press the reset button once, DON'T RELEASE THE POWER BUTTON.
5. The FWDN will show a little window telling that it is updating the SDRAM.
6. When the window closes automatically, the FWDN, will show these on the screen.

Device Inserted

Device Removed
When this appears, release the power button.

7. THIS PART DON'T KNOW FOR SURE, because it only happens one time on each computer, windows will show a "New hardware found" window for an USB Device. You need to select the vtcdrv.sys file that is inside the zip with the FWDN software; when it finish to install it, check if the FWDN software shows something like this:

Device Inserted

Device Removed

Device Inserted

Device Type : NAND Drive
Device Serial Number Type : SN_VALID_32
Device Serial Number : [ 00000000000000000000000]
Device Hidden Size : 202240 pages
Device SDRAM Configuration Value : 0x22E92010
Of course the serial numbers, and probably the SDRAM value will be different.

If it doesn't show that, disconnect the P2 and go back to step 3. this time it will not ask for the driver, and it should show the target device information.

8. When you already got to that screen, press the button WRITE, and a little window will appear writing the ROM file to the P2. Then a windows saying "Writing Complete!" will appear, just click OK and continue.

9. When it finish, disconnect the P2 and turn it on, it will start the same updating process, but at the end, it will show "update resource file" or someting like that, it changes with different FW versions, just hope to read the "resource" word, and you will be on the way.

10. Connect the P2 again to the PC, and it will recognizes it as a MTP Player.

Open My PC, and select the P2 drive. Go to DATA folder, and select the YPP2.RSC file.

You have to check the file size, then search the firmware who has the same file, with the same file size. You found it? Good. We will need it. This is the Old FW. It somehow gets stuck and doesnt't go away. You neither can delete it or move it. It always will appear there.

NOTE: If you have files that you want to recover, just copy them before doing the next step. When you finish, just continue.

11. Go to My PC again, but this time click the P2 icon with the secondary button, and select format. it will teel you it will destroy all the data, and bla bla bla, just accept and wait a little until it ends. This will delete the indestructible file that is looping the player.

12. When it finish, enter the device again, and copy the YPP2.RSC and
YPP2.rom of the Old FW into the DATA folder.

Probably you can add a new firmware, but i don't know for sure.

Disconnect the P2, and turn it on, then just follows the firmware update instructions, and this time the P2 will boot fine with the Old FW.
Then just try to update it again.

Well, thats it, I hope it works for everybody just like it worked for me.

PD: sorry for the posible errors on the redaction, english is not my first language, so you all now

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