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Default New to e280 - old to RB - some questions...

Hi all -

New to these forums too - it looks like an excellent resource.

I've had rockbox on my iriver ihp140 for some 3+ years now, and after owning the thing for 5 years figured it was time to update a little. Did some reearch based on my needs, which are pretty clear after 5 years using a dap, and the sandisk e280 fit's the bill very closely, so I got a really clean used v1 one on ebay for some 60$. It works great, rockbox installed easily, it works mostly. One bug I found is that the resume play functions seems to be broken in current builds - installing an older version fixed that.

Several small questions - whenever I boot into the original firmware (which is whatever version the sansapatcher installed 2 days ago) it does this really long database rebuild, which I have to sit through. If I'm doing this after connecting the usb cable, after doing this tedious rebuild, I have to shut down the player and have it reboot before it connects to my mac normally. Is this normal? Is there a way around it?

I've noticed a large popping sound on shutdown - is this avoidable/fixable?

The overall output is a bit lower than my old iriver's - is there a way to bump it up a bit? Does the normal/loud switch in the OF have any effect in RB?

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