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Default re: device disable patch

I loaded the new firmware and at approx full charge am showing 16+ hours. At the time I was using a micro sd card for primary access to language lessons and I noticed that there was a delay in accessing the card (loading message) After thinking about it for awhile I guessed that the patch might be powering down the card reader so I moved the files off the sd card to the sansa and removed the sd card. I also noticed that the system -> rockbox info for time remaining had erratic stats which jumped around. After removing the sd card, the loading message remained along with the delay but at least the rockbox info stabilized. Although I have not tried to run the sansa down completely, I used the device for two hours today and the info showed approx two hours less of time available. The build with the patch has some quirks but the additional time the unit can remain powered on is beneficial. I would be very interested to hear if others see the same anomaly with the micro sd card (rockbox info is erratic and seems to vary up and down or too quickly) At least for now I have removed the micro sd card prefering the benefits of the longer battery time.
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