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Default Bass!

How do you add bass do your music when you listen to it?

I'm thinking of buying the sansa e250 and giving my dad my Sansa Clip. He likes bass though, how do you put it on if any?
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As I believe is explained in the user manual, through the Clip's equalizer, under the settings menu. Either choose one of the presets or select Custom and create your own--bass is to the left, treble to the right.
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This depends on the headphones you are using on the Clip, too.
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imo, the clip sounds best with flat eq, you may want to look for some heavy bass iem’s or headphones

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Yeah, most players can sound bassy with the right headphones.. The custom EQ on the Clip can be cranked pretty high, but it'll get distorted as with any cheaper audio product.
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How to add bass to the Clip? By using decent bass-heavy phones, like the Mylarone X3i/XBi, Atrio M5 -- or maybe the Super.Fi 5 EB or CX300 if you need even more bass (and don't care about mids/treble quality that much).

The EQ on the Clip is pretty weak - something more than +4dB in the bass regions and it distorts. But with the right phones and flat (or near-flat) EQ it sounds very nice.
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I ran my Clip through my home studio mixer and 200W PA, into a 15" wide range cabinet, and let me tell you - there's plenty of undistorted bass. Man, the Clip sounds great!

Kinda hard to strap all that to your head, though
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