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Default Still unsure about D2...

Alright, now that I got chased out of the Zen forums for inadvertently derailing a thread, I'll continue the discussion over here where it's proper

So, the D2. I really, really like the device itself but I have a lot of issues with it that may prevent me from buying it. I'll give up my search for a high capacity player if I can balance it out with other features, which the D2 certainly has no shortage of. Here's a quick rundown of things I'm not sure about, for anyone who wants to drop in and lend a hand.

1. 3000 file limit. I'm aware it's per format, e.g. 3K mp3 files, 3K OGG files, etc, but a large portion of my library is in 256-320k mp3. I could do some converting I guess.

2. Cowon yanking 16GB SDHC support. I read a couple posts about this, anyone care to clarify what's going on? Do I just not upgrade to the latest firmware to avoid that?

3. Juggling multiple cards. I like to have most of my tunes with me, so I'd most likely have at least two 16GB cards that try to split up my library by genre. I don't like the idea to start with, but if I could find some sort of low profile case that has a card sleeve I could cope.

I have a feeling that if I just suck it up and make some personal concessions I'll get talked into buying a D2 eventually, but for now I'm still not convinced. It's the top of my list though, and as a player it has everything I could ever hope for except storage capacity.
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