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Originally Posted by Xenodius View Post
But what about file limits? Aren't 16gb cards pushing the D2's limit as is? 3,000int + 3,000ext?
I worried about this initially, but it hasn't caused me any trouble. I currently have 13.6GB of music on the 16GB SD card and it totals just shy of 2000 songs (minimum 192k MP3, mostly 256-320k and some scattered FLAC for my Floyd albums). This point is largely dependent on your library and music tastes. Users looking to archive a ton of 128k MP3s will likely hit the limit, but it looks like I'll be fine at least. I'm hesitant to tell people how to use their product but I have to agree using the D2 for low bitrate audio seems kind of a disservice to it given the stellar sound quality. Well, that and I doubt you'll rack up 3000 lectures

Originally Posted by Almoxil
Next step: if you haven't done it, get a protective skin from DX for your D2. I received mine today and can say it's great. Application is easy and fast.
I'm still trying to decide on what case/skin I want to go for. I kind of want a sleeve for a second SD card for when I get a second card later on. I don't like the fancy Noreve case much, but not sure what else is out there really. Wish there was a tough fiber type case that had a card sleeve on the back of the D2, that would be perfect for me since I really only want to prevent scuffs and scratches while keeping the screen accessible.

I do need a screen protector though, will definitely grab one here this week. I was going to order one at the same time as my D2 order but got sidetracked.

Edit: Oh hey, quick question before I forget. I've been fixing all sorts of tag issues in my library since I normally use folder navigation and didn't bother to keep up with them. Yeah, bad idea and I'm paying for it I know. Does the D2 rebuild the tag database every boot, or only when it detects new media? I tried fixing some of them directly on the D2 but they didn't register when I tested it. Any way to manually reload the database, or just drop a new song or something on to trigger it?
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I had the same speedbump, I think it reloads the database if you so much as access the memory by opening some folders. So, AFAIK you have to hook it up to your computer...

My music is scattered 128 - 192kbps tracks. =(
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