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Default Connect destroying our computers?

We purchased six (not a joke) connects with some for family/friends.

Well, the one my son has just demolished both computers he's working on. One's a brand new Dell with Windows Vista Ultimate. Another is a desktop with XP Pro.

He connect the computers to the Sansa and it immediately freezes both computers. After a forced shutdown, both computer does not come back on- basically something at the OS level seem to have gone bad.

He has restored the desktop using system restore but no such luck on the Dell.

WHAT in the world is happening? is it just us or are others having trouble with Sansa Connect? We have two units behaving similarly....

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I own a Connect, and have been following discussions about the Connect in various forums for quite a while. I've never heard about it causing these kinds of problems. Strange.
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Default sansa connect

haven't heard about the computer crashes, that 's a new one; the computers may have issues; if freezes just unplug from usb port and close the program; it's best to sync sansa connect when it's completely OFF (not sleep mode); when OFF plug in to usb port, it will start booting, when done it will ask how you want it to open; I usually open in Windows Media Player; or Sansa Media Converter, or My Computer and open Sansa to look at all the files to be able to move files; it works every time; I run Vista and XP and have 2 Sansa Connect and getting another; my 22 month son uses them with no problem; the Sansa Connect is an amazing device
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