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Default Playlists on the Clip? (already tried FAQs)

I cannot get M3U playlists or PLA playlists working on my recently purchased 2Gb Clip. I've updated to the .20 firmware, I've tried Mp3tag, WinAmp, WMP, MediaMonkey, and Playlist Creator.exe to make playlists. All simply show up in the player as a blank bar with two colored areas to either side, no songs. I'm in WinXP (home, no SP2)

I'm in MSC mode, since I tried sync mode without luck either.

What else can I try?
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Originally Posted by elite_arbor View Post
I'm in MSC mode, since I tried sync mode without luck either.

What else can I try?
Not sure what you mean by this ... sync mode? You mean MTP?

I've had no problems getting playlists to sync in MTP mode, using MediaMonkey. If you really are looking for an MSC solution, try looking through the Sansa Clip forum at I'm pretty sure I've seen posts there describing how to do it.
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My post from another thread.

OK. I have been playing around with WinAMP and the Clip for a while now as far as playlists and I figured out an easier way to do them. Here you go:

1. Install/open Winamp and plug in your Clip.
2. On the left right click on "Playlists" > "New Playlist". Name it and click "OK".
3. Select "Local Media" > "Audio". Go through your music and drag and drop your music to the playlist.
4. When you are happy with your playlist, drag and drop your playlist to "Portables" > "Sansa Clip 2GB".

Now all the songs will copy to your clip and create the playlist in one action. A little easier than my previous directions. Let me know how this works out for you all. Enjoy!!!
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If you're using mp3tag to create m3u playlists in MSC mode you need to select the files ON THE CLIP when you drag them into mp3tag. If you select them on your PC, make the playlist there, and then drag-n-drop the whole works to the Clip, it will not work because the folder relationship is no longer the same (as on the PC).

This is true for ANY playlist creation utility out there, not just mp3tag, when in MSC mode.

In other words, copy the files to the Clip FIRST, then make the playlist from there (the drive letter that is the Clip).
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I just posted about this a couple weeks ago:
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