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Default Moving Files

I brought the Gigabeat F10 MP3 player yesterday and I'm not to sure whether its worth keeping. I loaded on my music and then I was trying to organize it in folders, so I changed the directories of files. Anyways, once I turned it on and tried to play music, it said "file not found", its almost like it didn't update the files locations. Is there a better way of organizing in folders?
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I dont have the F series but i belive you need to load music with the supplied software. When music gets put on the gigabeat F series it gets encrypted. I am pretty sure you cannot simply drag and drop music to this gigabeat.... yeah... not as easy as your dell jukebox.... take it back imo the f series is garbage since it uses this method of file transfer.
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Thanks for the help. Ya - I thin I am going to take it back. This is a pile of junk!

I try to delete files from the mp3 player from my computer and the program supplied wouldn't do that. However, you can see the mp3 player in windows explorer, so I tried deleting songs from there and it screwed up to the point where I had to format. After deleting the files, it wouldn't update the database of which songs are on the drive, so when it goes to play the song it says "file not found".

The only way to delete files is to go into the mp3 player and delete the individual files. Then go into recycle bin on the mp3 player and delete it from there. You can't delete the artist itself.

That is one of the four major problems of found with this mp3 player. They obviously did not thoroughly test this product before putting it on the market.
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