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Unhappy (Fast) Rewind on the Sansa View

I bought the Sansa View with the thought of using it first and foremost for the Audiobooks I listen to in the car ... then using it for music and podcasts as a secondary function.

I love the look and the feel of the thing, and I am getting used to manuvering through the menus. BUT I HATE THE (FAST) REWIND AND/OR FAST FORWARD FEATURE. I more properly should say lack of FAST FF or RWD.

If I some how screw up and...
  1. forget to turn it off when I get out of the car
  2. get distracted (by the cop behind who wants to give me a speeding ticket because I was so into what I was "reading" and not paying attention to what I was suppose to be doing)
  3. fumble and mistakenly go forward or backward a "chapter"
Then when I try to find my place ... it is near on impossible. The FF (Fast Forward) moves in segments of 10 to 15 second. If I am trying to find my lost place and it is a half hour or so away, it could take 15 minutes of cramping fingers (and an occasional lock up of the View) to get back (or forward) to my original place. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE IN MY BOOK. And the frustration level of these occasional errors are making the use of the View almost not worth it (and at a $150 price tag - this is really upsetting)

My question is this -
  • Is my View working properly and this is how Sansa has designed it?
  • or is mine mal-functioning?
  • or is there something I am missing here (I have read the manual on how to FF and I do seem to be following the instructions)
  • and if I did want/need to return it because it is malfuntioning .... any suggestions
Any and all help would be appreciated
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