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Default PlayerManager

I like Rockbox and I think that Rockbox need some program which can convert images and video to Rockbox format, find out which player with rockbox is conected and change settings in agreement with that player, control rockbox and It´s files and folders, automatic updating and much more functions.

I was looking for this program, but I didn´t find it. There are many programs working with rockbox, but no one which have most of the functions and it is easy to use. So I started working on my own program. I called it PlayerManager, but if you have better name you can write me and maybe I´ll change it. PlayerManager (below PM) is created in Microsoft Visual C# (exactly 2008 Express Edition) so you need .Net Frameworkd 3.5 for run (more information below). If there is someone who wants help me just write.

PM is primary for Sansa e200 player because I don´t have any else player but there is function for recognise other players. So if you have other player which have Rockbox please say me if it works good, if I have settings file right, thanks.

Graphic of the program is poor because It´s alpha version and I think functions are important than graphic so I change graphic in future versions. If you have any idea how PM would be look like just write.

Features in actual version:
  • Converting images to .jpg for view in rockbox (image size is load from settings file in agreement with connect player). Default converting to PHOTO folder to New folder with name as original file, but you can change settings for folder and name of files. Add progress bar function for checking progress.
  • Check if there is player connect with rockbox and which type of player it is. Check automatic when PM run or when user click on Check. I added settings for both sandisk player and all ipods which can have rockbox.
  • Find out rockbox build (Original, Chrisjs, Cpchan) and version.
  • Find out size of player (free and total).
  • Read settings for player from the file. Only height and width for now.
  • Converting Album Arts from .jpg format (original firmware) to .bmp format (rockbox firmware). You can choose name of .jpg and .bmp file.
  • Change language. It load language from .txt file. Because I only tried it there isn´t all text converted to .txt file. It would be in next version.
  • Work with backdrops: Converting and saving to player. Loading from player and deleting (deleting has some problems so I´ll try fix it).
    Splash Screen - All settings are loaded when PM starts and there is Splash Screen where is writing progress and when It is all loaded you can cancel Splash Screen.

Planned features (first things are planed for next version, last things will add later):
  • Automatic updates
  • File manager (mainly for rockbox folder)
  • load/edit/save config file (.cfg)
  • Update file to website
  • Converting video
  • Better graphics
If you have any idea for some features you want you can write it here.

Known Bugs:
Problem with deleting some backdrops.
Splash Screen and writing progress.
If you find any bugs please inform me. Thanks

Current version:
For new version there is only zip file (not instalation) so you need .Net Framework 3.5.

All files can be download:


I am looking for anyone who can make some graphic. I need logo for PlayerManager so if there is someone who can make it please try it. I want something with PlayerManager and mayber Rockbox somewhere. Maybe some simple player somewhere too. Thanks! (btw: There isn´t any remuneration)
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