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Default Lock up issues

has anybody else had Also problems with your device locking up? I just got this thing yesterday and its already locking up on me. I updated to the newest firmware installed the browser plug in and it was fine yesterday, i was streaming videos from various sites just fine but this morning, I disconnected the usb turned it on and all the sudden the search keyboard wouldn't go away when i tapped onto the web page and then it locked up. i reset it and it locked up again! What gives? Also whenever i try to play a video from stage 6 it says something about using an mplayer for a linux os. But i've seen a 605 running videos from stage 6? Anybody happen to know what the deal is with that as well?
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Default ok this is getting bad

man I'm starting to think I got a total lemon here. It only boots up and gets past the "Archos Entertainment your way" maybe 1 out of 5 times i turn it on. Now it turns on and as soon as it boots up it shuts down again, I just found out that's because the battery is completely drained even though the unit was turned completely off last night with a full charge. I assume that I'm turning it off when i hit the power switch and the screen says "suspending...." right? I had such high hopes for this device but it's quickly looking like I bought a total POS.
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It seems that your archos is full of issues.. the factory is to blame.

You can call it a brick if you want (hehe) seriously consider RMA or return it to store
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Default Just as I thought.

Well according to Archos my unit not only had a faulty flash chip but maybe a bad processor as well. Oh well I took it back and they're sending a new one to my house. Hopefully this one has less issues than the last one.
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Just had mine replaced as well after a week.

I also started a new Thread for a 605 reliability survey.
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