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Help Samsung Media Studio

Hello together,
I am now a proudly new owner of the Samsung YP-S5 and can through away my old YP-Z5 :-)
But I got problems with grabbing songs to my player.
The Samsung Media Player (delivered with the player) grabs only 1 song and then it gets failured. Every time I have to restart the studio to grab the next song. Have some of you an idea, what's wrong with my Samsung Media Studio?
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you dont have to use the SMS
i find just dragging it in to the s5 folder way easier
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sometimes that doesnt work either.
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hm..well i have a YP-Z5.. and the thing i notice about samsung media studio is that after i've created a playlist in the studio and downloaded it into my mp3 player, i can't edit it (i.e. add songs to that playlist directly). i've to edit the playlist in the studio, delete the playlist on my mp3 player and then transfer it again; either that or i've to replace every song on the playlist (in my mp3 player) when i transfer the playlist (on media studio) even though i want those songs and just want additional songs on it.

is there a way to just add songs to my playlist on my mp3 player without the whole drama of deleting or deleting it? thanks!
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Only use the media studio when you are transferring datacasts and videos since the prog will convert videos into .svi format.
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