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Help Couple of Issues - Help?

First and foremost I like the customization ability of rockbox.

However, I have a few issues that may be due to my own ineptitude, or not. You decide.

1. None of my images/pictures will open up. I can see them listed but when I select it nothing happens. I can view them individually by doing a "Open With" and selecting something like Rockpaint. Any ideas as to what I am doing wrong? (pictures/images appear fine in OF).

2. Videos. Similar to above, I can see the selection, and when I try to "play" it, it looks as though it's only trying to play the audio, but unsuccessfully. I've converted the videos via sansa Media converter, but nothing appears.

3. Is there an easier way to create (or possibly sync) playlists from WMP to Rockbox? I've read the ideas of selecting individual songs and adding them to a playlist, but that seems long and tedious. I have several playlists on my WMP that I would like to be playable within Rockbox.

If anyone can help me out, I would appreciate it. I, as well, appreciate the effort that goes into creating the different build "versions" of Rockbox.

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