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Default Where to find Viewport Themes?

Is there a place where one can find all of the themes that utilize viewports?

The site '' is still not posting new themes due to server issues. However, I read in one of the forums that someone was going to reconfigure all of the themes on that site to viewport versions and then post those new versions. If there are any viewport themes available on that site, I haven't been able to find them.

And, since the official version of Rockbox does not support viewports, it stands to reason the Rockbox site would not host viewport themes. Nevertheless, does have two viewport themes posted for the e200 series – KratoJetVP and Screaming Oprah. (As the author noted, the Screaming Oprah theme must truly be the worst theme ever created. )

You can find a few viewport themes in this forum, but surely there must be more.
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All the themes in kugels build are ported to viewports most of the widely used themes in this forum are ported as well. But as such there is no real 'collection' You could try porting some yourself. You don't have to know how to make a theme from scratch to do it...
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Thanks Pienose. I've posted three viewport themes to this forum, but was looking for others. I do like the theme selection that Kugel includes in his builds, but I believe maybe half of those themes use viewports. The other half don't require any special patches, and work well with the Kugel build.

I was pretty sure there was no 'collection' site available, but thought it couldn't hurt to ask. There are many things I've missed in this forum and elsewhere ...
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Little about Viewports:

For the sake of clarification: Old themes that didn't rely on any of those fancy CustomLine, Multifont, or Scrolling Margins patches (i.e. ones that operated just fine in pre-Viewports official builds) should still work correctly in your new builds -- isn't that right? I know the RB devs intended for newer builds to be backwards-compatible with WPS' that weren't patch-dependent...

Yes, I should be clearer. The only themes that won't work are the ones that depends on those unofficial patches.
Qutes from
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Yes, actually there's only few themes that need viewports.
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Originally Posted by kugel View Post
Yes, actually there's only few themes that need viewports.
Is there any easy way to tell other than trying one out? I'm using the Dalek variant of ACOTIL on an older version of your build (Thanks! BTW)

So far it works fine and I have no need to try a newer build, but at some point I will want to take advantage of the changes that enhance battery life.

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