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Default Data Abort errors no matter which build I use

Hey guys, haven't been on these forums for a while so I'm not that up to date with all that's happening on the Rockbox scene. But after a quick reading, the big things that seem to have happened are: Viewports, which nobody seems to like, USB now requesting full power, and a new patch for battery time increase

Anyway, for a while now (about a month or so), I've been getting random Data Abort errors. Don't know if the exact numbers matter or not, so I didn't bother writing them down

Anyway, it seems to happen when I manually select a new song to play, or when the next song in a playlist starts. The data abort usually appears within the first 5 seconds of playback.

I'm fairly certain that it doesn't happen only for specific files. Sometimes, certain files will play fine in one build, other times, they will create the error in another

So because of this, I decided to finally update my Rockbox build last night (I've been using chrisjs' for a while) Unfortunately, the problem still happens

So I then decided to try out cpchan's build and amazingly, I still get a data abort error under the exact circumstances (within the first 5 secs or so of playback, on random songs) but the freaking error has a different number to it this time

Finally, I decided to take drastic measures and uninstalled the bootloader and formatted the player. Currently, I've installed the official SVN Rockbox build + the battery life patch and about 5 minutes ago got another data abort error. I think the number was the same as the one I got using cpchan's build, if that matters any

So I really don't know what's up. The error isn't build dependent (tried out the latest from chrisjs, cpchan, as well as the official SVN build + the battery patch)

It's not file dependent either as certain files play absolutely fine in one build. Switching over to another build, these exact files will now cause data aborts each and every single time.

Everything loaded is up to date. Downloaded the Rockbox Build at about 1:30AM Jan 27 and downloaded the Sansapatcher.exe from the Rockbox page at about the same time. So that shouldn't be the issue either
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