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Default Battery losing power when not in use, question.

Just wondering if a situation like this is typical... I would assume not.

I always found that if I hadn't charged my clip for a day or two and went to use it, it would always be dead. I assumed that it was maybe the cold weather; it's been around -20 to -40 and sometimes I would be outside for an hour or so a day.

But this weekend I decided to test, by fully charging the Clip (according to the properties in Windows explorer, the Clip was at 100%) and then leaving it overnight OFF and see how much charge is left in the morning. I did this twice, and both times it was down to %72 by morning, without even using it. I also left it another night, and now it's down to %64. Does anyone know if this is normal? Or does it look like I've got a bad battery?

Also to confirm, I made sure that the device was OFF and not holding onto a playlist of any sort. I've also changed some settings like setting a custom EQ and changing the brightness (lowing by a lot). Maybe for the moment I'll try completely resetting, recharging, and see if anything weird happens...
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