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Default D2 battery, in search of detailed specs


We all know the rated battery life of the D2. We all know that the battery is big and huge and great. I'm looking for really specific specs on it, though.

From the dissected pictures, it appears to be a single-cell Lithium Polymer (LiPo) battery, 3.7v (nominal... should be closer to 4.2v hot off the charger) and (again from the pictures) I'd have to guess it's somewhere between 2000mAh and 3000mAh.

However, I haven't ordered mine, so I can't take a peek in for myself. On IRC I was told to check the Cowon Global forums, but that yielded nothing. Does anyone know the actual capacity rating of the battery (in mAh, Ah, Wh, or J, or whatever)?

I'm interested primarily because I am also an RC hobbyist, and I have LiPos of various sizes and configurations lying around. For me, any battery is "user-replaceable", and "user-upgradeable" too. Curious what it would take to replace your aging D2's battery? Or to enable 20hr video playback, or to make field battery that you could optionally plug in to drain in parallel to the internal? I am!

Either way, I'll promise to crack open mine and check for myself and post the result. If you're interested (I am!), I'll pull out my multimeter and record the power draw at the battery terminal under various conditions (idle, music playback, low bitrate and high bitrate video playback, using internal or SD memory, etc) and get some real numbers.
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