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Cool Preparing to buy, but have some questions.

Howdy folks,

I've been lurking here for a bit, and I'm looking to buy a D2, but I'd like a few questions answered before I take the plunge. So, if you'd help me, you might just convert another.

To preface, I am not an audiophile. I'd like my music to sound as good as possible, but in the past I haven't taken steps to make it so. My last player was a Sansa e200-series, and the sound out of it was "fine" for me; mind you, I never used anything but the headphones that came with it. So, I don't know the difference, but I'd like to.

So, for headphones I'm thinking the $30 JVC "Air-cushion" (HA-F66) IEMs, based on the threads around here. From what I can tell, that's a pretty good price compromise: it doesn't seem that a little more cash will get me a lot more value. If there's a better choice in that price range, please point it out.

As for value, how important is the internal memory in these days of $75 16GB SDHC cards? Or rather, how rightly does the SD card integrate? I'd imagine that 2GB would be rather annoying, and to go from 4GB to 8GB for $40 just does not seem justified.

What is the exterior finish like? Is the paint a dull or a glossy sort? Between the colors, is there any peculiarity with a specific one? And, where are the blue players?

This bit may be the biggest potential deal-breaker here: I prefer to buy my music in the DRM'd unlimited subscription way, since I find it an easier way for me to find new (well, old but new to me!) music, cheaply. It is my impression that the PlaysForSure DRM is not supported by the D2 or other Cowon products. If it is supported, then there's no doubt that I'll pull the trigger. If it isn't, I'll need to figure out a work-around or make do with a much smaller initial library. Perhaps you could recommend a player that is similar but supports protected WMAs, or perhaps there is a firmware solution?

In general, I don't mind watching video on small screens. I was fine with watching 21-minute episodes on my Sansa's 1.8" screen. Given that, how enjoyable is longer length video on the D2's 2.5" screen?

And as for video, after encoded for the D2, how large are the files? I remember when I found out much to my horror that video on my e200 took ~10MB/minute for 15FPS at tiny resolution (and often with synching and other problems. Video on that device really was an afterthought, tacked on for free to an audio player). I understand this not to be the case with the D2, and I'd really love to know what to expect.

And, finally, where the heck can you find these things in blue?
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