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Default Fritz Sennheiser (1912-2010)

Late during the evening of 17 May 2010, only a few days after his 98th birthday, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Fritz Sennheiser, audio pioneer and founder of today’s Sennheiser electronic GmbH & Co. KG, passed away. The audio industry has lost a huge figure, not only in terms of his technical expertise but also in terms of his humanity.

Through his company Prof. Dr. Fritz Sennheiser had a crucial influence on the development of sound transmission technologies and was instrumental in forging many ground-breaking developments in electroacoustics and transmission technologies. Under his guidance the first shotgun microphones and open headphones were created and he oversaw important developments in wireless radio and infra-red transmission. It was completely natural for Fritz Sennheiser to give his developers the “creative and technical freedom” they required. His humanity also shone through when – considering the significant workload involved in running an expanding company – he took time to share his knowledge with students, inspiring them with an enthusiasm for audio technology. In 1982 he retired from the management of the company, handing over to his son, Prof. Dr. sc. techn. Jörg Sennheiser.

Fritz Sennheiser continued to take a vivid interest in the company he founded in summer 1945. His enthusiasm for audio technology, his creative curiosity, coupled with a modesty that is all too rare these days, his self-discipline, sincerity and generosity in his dealings with people, will remain an example to follow for all those who knew him.

The history of the European audio industry will forever remain inextricably linked with the name of Fritz Sennheiser.
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I respected Dr. Frtiz , he brought the world open headphones and heavily directional rejection patterns for microphones.
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Too many sad news at once... today I'm only going to listen to Isis, only on my Sennheiser HD650.
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Sad to see him pass, he had a huge impact on the world and a long life!
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Agreed...Wow, it's been a tough week for the world. Am no expert, but even I knew about Prof. Sennheiser's work - I have had several pairs of Senn headphones/IEMs.

R.I.P. indeed.
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First really great HP's I listened to were Sennheiser,......... great products, great man behind them,....R.I.P.

Too many losses this year,................
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R.I.P Prof Sennheiser...

Horrid news about Isis too... especially as I just discovered 'Celestial' and 'Panopticon'
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An audio pioneer and audio great has passed,but he lived a life and achieved goals few achieve.Why be sad? When you reach beyond 95 and are lucid near end of your life and famous you have made it BIG time.

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Rest in peace Prof. Dr. Sennheiser, his legend will live on through his achievements.
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Respect and thanks for the wonderful innovations, especially open back phones.

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Does this mean no more crappy earbuds like the CX300s?
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Originally Posted by TechOutsider View Post
Does this mean no more crappy earbuds like the CX300s?
I wouldn't exactly call the CX 300's crappy. It sure beats most things that are 20 bucks.
And to the common person this will sound like some HD iem compared to alot of stock buds/iems.
So as long as its making money its alive.
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Since when have the CX300's been classified as crappy? I use them and they are pretty damn good for bassaholics. Anyways, back on topic...RIP to Dr. Sennheiser...If only we could trade Jobs for him..
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Whoa, probably we had more important news in our country.
So a little late, but better late then never.
Rest in piece Fritz and we all enjoy your achievements for a long time in the future.
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