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Smile Reasons to like RockBox

I was going to title this "How do I love thee? Let me count the ways" but then I saw the admonishment "Please use descriptive thread titles!" and figured I had better play it straight.

First of all, Big Thanks to all who produce Rockbox and all those who produce our local custom builds. It's great to have a community producing stuff like this that we can all benefit from.

Second, I know that there are some who hesitate to put this on their sansa because they know there are risks and they may not be aware of the benefits. I hesitated and maybe I waited to long to move forward. Now that I have, I'm happy with the results and know that Rockbox will continue to get better. (That seems a *lot* less likely with the OF.)

To help anyone else who is considering this (and I do recommend it) I thought I'd list the benefits that I appreciate.

- Faster startup. Beyond that, it can build the database in the background whereas the OF takes several minutes every time I add a podcast. When Rockbox supports USB fully I will never need to wait for this again! (4:30 at present with the OF!)
- Supports more music formats. I use OGG and MP3
- Don't need to use special format for pictures. I use jpegs.
- M3U playlists. (Less important to me since I modified 'fapg' to support the OF playlist format, but m3u remains more widely
- fast forward accelerates the longer I hold it. Very useful for podcasts or music DVD rips which may go over an hour in length.
- bookmarks. OF had one only and it frequently lost that.
- customizable screens. I can even download someone elses' theme and tweak it to meet my needs.
- support. I had to disassemble my e280 to get the serial number before Sandisk support would even talk to me. Feh! Ask a question here and get an answer.
- Rockbox remembers volume settings across a power cycle.
- Rockbox features additional audio settings like crossfeed which I use.
- stability - overall, Rockbox seems to be pretty good. I'm not sure it is any better or any worse than the OF. Early on I had some stability problems with the OF and I just learned to avoid doing things that would lock it up, like plugging it in too soon following power on.

This is not to say that there aren't other benefits and this is most certainly not a complete list. These are benefits that convince me that loading and using Rockbox was worth the effort.

I'm using Kugel's build on an e280 and my host OS is Ubuntu Linux. It probably does make a difference since none of the S/W that comes with the Sansa runs on Linux so I'm on my own.
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