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Default Background noise...

Hi everyone, it's my first (although I've been reading the site and forums for a couple of years).

Anyway, I just bought a sansa clip, and i'm a little disapponted with the sound quality, which was supposed to be one of its strength : SQ is actually pretty good overall, but I can hear some noise when nothing is playing, and even a little when the music is very quiet (in a few intros for exemple). This happens with my CX95, which are average headphones I think (16 ohms, 116dB), of course if I use my HD600, I don't hear any background noise anymore but I have to put the volume to the max to hear something :-P
So, I was wondering if I was the only one to experience this, and if other players (even the supposedly good ones) are subject to this too. I'm pretty sure my old Rio Carbon didn't do that, but it's dead so I can't check.

Thanx ^^

PS : I'm still very happy with my Sansa clip, just asking out of curiosity.
Players : Sansa Clip, Rio Carbon, Creative Muvo
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