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Angry C250 Bad battery -how do you open?

I just bought my C250 and I charged the battery. I used it for the first time and it died in 15 minutes. I called sandisk and there was a 15 minute wait. How do I get the battery door open. Directions state to press tab - what tab?
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I think the tab is on the top side or whatever side has the line or cut thru the back.
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I have pushed and pried and still cannot get it open at that slit.
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On the back up near where the head phones plug in is a little indent and a seem..

Hold the unit with the SanDisk right side up both thumbs on the back your two fingers (index and middle) of each hand should be on the face.
With your left thumb press at the seam and indent (squeeze between the thumb and the index/middle fingers) press to the right the right hand should just be pushing to the right It should slid toward the bottom connector.

You SHOULD Never pry at the back cover.

This will expose the battery..

To remove the battery:
At the bottom of the battery near the connector you should see a little indent in the metal. Use your fingernail OR a small screwdriver to lift the batter out of the unit..
Once the Battery is out you will see a small black plastic protrusion on the top of the battery the backside of the battery.. This must be inserted back into the player 1st.
On the player (up towards the end with the headphone jack you will see a small black square with 3 gold/brass contact pins.. Be very careful not to bend these when you remove the battery or put it back in.

Sometimes it cam seem a bit difficult to remove the back at 1st until you get the hang of it.

Hope this helps..
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