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Default Sandisk - Sansa Talon 32Gb Flash Player

Sandisk Sansa Talon
A new portable experience
Highly portable, utilizing the newest in Flash technology to deliver a mind numbing 32Gb of space in a sleek, small, and functional design. Store your collection and still have enough space to keep your favorite TV show or Movie just a spin and click away.

The intuitive Flash-based GUI offers functionality melded with a certain sexiness and independence to keep your device from being "Just another player."

A uniquely designed control set allows the player to always be the slice of dream you can enjoy not only using but looking at. The illuminated keypad and cool smooth blue control wheel offer the tactility you need in a digital audio player and when not in use, allow the player a clean sleek look with no fingerprints to worry about.

The full feature set keeps you from shying away from the functionality you deserve. With great video, audio, and photo support, the Talon grasps multimedia standards and shows you how it's really done. Full radio complete with RDS keeps you from missing a beat.

Other features:
  • The Sansa can be utilized as a hard drive and works with drag-and-drop.
  • Fully Mac and PC compatible
  • Optional A2DP support
  • Support for wide-screen movie viewing
  • Customizable Flash interface
  • OLED screen with great contrast ratio and resolution
  • Games
  • Micro SD expansion slot
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Animated GIFs and NMH? Awesome!
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What a gorgeous GUI!

Sandisk - Are You Seeing This?

Very Nice Work...
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pretty dang cool! but 32Gigs of flash? A bit unconvincing-it sounds impractical...but I don't know. Great job!
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The Creative Zen comes in up to 32gb of flash, plus it has an sdhc expansion slot for up to another 32.
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