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Default SanDisk Sansa Ultima

The all new SanDisk ultima.
The Sansa Ultima is the newest addition to SanDisk's MP3-Player range, the first one of the current series to be kept in smooth snow white. Allready from just looking at it, you can tell that this is a device of the newest generation which will still be comparable to MP3-Players in a view years time. It's offers a huge 3.2'' inch screen with an extremly high resolution to enjoy your video clips and pictures even more. On the top right hand side the device also includes a slot for microSD/SDHC cards, for people who just can't get enough media on their Ultima. Then, if you slowly turn the Ultima because you're wondering why there is a capture button is there for, comes the real surprise: A camera! Obviously it cannot offer optical zoom, but still it gives sharpness to pictures, of what most current mobile phones can only dream of. Also take notice of the integrated speaker and the fact that the back is in a nice grey tone, which goes perfectly with the white from the front. That the Ultima doesn't feature a touch display clearly states, that the SanDisk designers don't just want to follow the ideas of other people, but that they want to define themselves what they think should be the future of portable media playing devices.
|General| Dimensions: 109.0 x 58.0 x 10.0 mm; Weight: 90g; Color: White Price: 300$;
Memory Type: Flash; Flash Capacity: 32 GB; Expansion Slot:
microSD, miscroSDHC;
Display Type: LCD; Display Size: 3.2"; Display Resolution: 400 x 480; Display Color: 16.7m; Touch Display: no; TV Out: yes (Dock required);
|Supported Formats|
Audio: MP3, WMA, AAC, OGG; WAV, Audible; Video: MPEG-4, DivX, XviD, WMV, H.264
Photo: JPEG, PNG, GIF;
Battery Type: Removable (back cover can be taken off with tool shipped with device); Audio Life: 35.0 hours; Video Life: 10.0 hours;
| Internal Flash: Yes; Video Recorder: Yes; Digital Zoom: 16x; Autofocus: Yes; Picture resolution: 5 Megapixels; Photo Size: 2590 x 1940 pixels;
|Recording| Audio Recording Format: WAV (Voice, FM Line In); Video Recording Format:
Wireless: Wi-Fi; Audio Enhancements: Custom EQ, Preset EQ; Audio Features: Mono Loudspeaker on device back; Radio Band: FM;


|Camera|: The camera is the most obvious feature that you'll notice when looking at the hardware of the Ultima. It offers a capture experience comparable with absolutly every mid-range digital camera. Hence the fact, that you're also able to take good quality videos with this, unlike for instance the iPhone. To take pictures or video you can simply turn the Ultima side ways and take advantage of the nicely located capturing-button, which autofocuses itself when held down half way. Additionaly you can zoom extremly close to any object when taking pictures, due to 16x digital zoom.

|Speaker|: You won't only find a Camera integrated in the device, no, the Ultima has even more nice little gimmicks, like this speaker. It plays your music loud and clear, so when you want to show your friends your newest song, there won't be any trouble giving earphones around and stuff. Obviously the sound quality isn't as good as the one you get from your headphones, but when this feature comes in handy you don't really care about sound quality anyway.

|Equalizer|: SanDisk has really gone into big details on the EQ-configuration of the Ultima. It comes with a 10 band custom EQ mode, in order for you to being able to have the best sound experience on an MP3-Player up to date.

|WiFi|: Thanks to WiFi it is possible to syncronize your Ultima with your newest media on your PC with out even connecting it by cable. The bigger feature that WiFi brings though, is the ability of actually being able to use the Ultima as a telephine to do Voice over IP calls whenever having Wlan access. This feature is preinstalled on device software, so there's no need to have to crack or hack or do anything to your Ultima to enable it.

|Microphone|: To support the VoIP feature even further, the integrated microphone on the Ultima is now found on the bottom of the device, so to do calls you can simply hold the Ultima to your ear, just like any other phone. In addtion to that, you can oof course also do voice recording or whatever with the same mic.

|Storage|: Allthough the Ultima allready offers a massive 32 GB of flash memory, people who insist on having even more media on their Ultima, get to take advantage of the integrated microSD/HCSD slot on the top right hand side of the device. This feature comes in handy, when you for instance want to quickly exchange media from your mobile phone or high end digital camera with your Ultima.

|Removable Battery|: SanDisk has listend to the community here and gives you the opportunity to actually change the battery of your Ultima! Obviously doing this isn't an everyday-job, but in certain situations it does save you a lot of trouble and money because changing the battery is very easy and quick.

|Misc|: Alarm Clock, Calculator etc etc... Smaller applications for Ultima can be downloaded from the official site, which is updated with new versions and programms regularly. There will allways be something new to experience and do on your Ultima.
Official Product Pictures [626kb] [269kb] [151kb] [96kb]

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