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Default Charging lithium-ion batteries

Consumers, store clerks, and manufacturers themselves have a lot of problem seperating facts from rumours when it comes to batteries. Here's the real deal on how to treat lithium-ion batteries (check your player's battery to see if its lithium-ion).

First charge
The first charge isn't any different from the 2nd, third, or 74th charge with lithium-ions. These batteries have built in circuits to automatically turn charging on and off, so there is no point in doing all the normal rithuals with charging it before using it, charging it for XX hours etc etc. If you have a lithium-ion, you're clear, no matter what the manual says. The XX hour first charge myth is left over from times with other battery types, and isn't relevant.
It should be noted however, that letting the device charge before you use it does allow you time to actually READ THE INSTRUCTIONS before you end up doing something you'll regret

Fully disharge/charge
Another myth, and a bad one. The only purpose ever in discharging a lithium-ion battery is to reset it's timer, so to display a more correct estimate for remaining battery time. Other than that, discharging your battery completely before recharging actually hurts the battery, as it's not designed to do so. Lithium-ions have a optimal life span when charged to about 3.92V, while 4.2V is max - and not recommended for extended periods of time. Also, charging a battery from 0% to 70% takes less time than to charge it from 70% to 100%, due to the charge method of such batteries.

Bottom line is that you should charge your battery often, and not max it out each time. It's better to charge it almost full many times than to fully charge it one time, in fact it might seriousely increase the life span of the battery if you charge it randomly.

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