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Default Can I use my [PLAYER NAME] with iPod accessories?

A lot of people are asking wheter or not their players are compatible with iPod accessories. If the accessory in question uses a normal 3.5mm mini jack, a normal USB plug or something along that line (universal accessories are often marketed as iPod accessories without reason), then it can. However, if the accessory uses a iPod dock connector, it isn't compatible. Some players, like the ZVM or Sansa e200, use the same connectors as the iPods. however these are WIRED DIFFERENTLY. Trust me when I say you do not want to shove your e200 in a powered ipod dock. A skilled person with a lot of experience would rewire such to work, but this is so far beyond the abilities of most people I'd suggest leaving it alone. Also, there are no adapters that does the job for you.
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