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Default Indigo Intrigue - 128Gb Touch Perfection

Touch Perfection
Toshiba 128 Gb Solid State Drive
802.11g,b, and n Wireless Support
Glorious OLED Screen With Full Wide-screen
Full-Featured Web Browsing With A Custom Firefox Browser
Exquisite design with re-enforced Scratch-Resistant Glass
Polymer Micro-Coating Means No Fingerprints
Retains Sexy, Glossy Sheen
Fully Replaceable and Removable Battery
Full, Open SDK Means Homebrew Apps Galore
Fully Customizable Flash Interface
Optional Integrated Interface For Testing New GUIs

A2DP Means Wireless Headphones and Bluetooth Connection To Compatible Devices:

Luscious 5Mp Camera With Micro-Flash Technology allows for well-lit and incredibly detailed snapshots or even unlimited movie clips at 30 FPS.

Multiple Personalities for limitless users, Customizable images and backgrounds for everyone. Keep your settings to yourself and enjoy all your personal settings while letting a sibling listen with theirs through A2DP or the headphone port.

Support for both Mac and PC

A Multimedia GOD With Support for the following formats:

  • Video: AVI(DivX, XviD), ASF, WMV, MPG, DAT, MKV, MP4, OGM, VOB
  • Audio: MP3, WMA, OGG, WAV, FLAC, APE, AC3
  • Image: JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG
FULL SUPPORT FOR Audiobooks, Ebooks, and PDFs!

Full Haptic Touch Response!

WANT THE WEB? It's at your fingers.
Email and IM apps help you stay in contact with the world
Full-Speed Support For Flash and Java.

Firmware updates allow increasing functionality.

Other features:
Check your stocks or financial items
Full-Featured 5-band EQ
FM-Radio with RDS
Includes Wireless Remote
Newest in audio technology. Hear it right
DEDICATED Volume Adjustment
Wifi Send and Recieve between PCs and Other Intrigues
Access to Web TV and Skype Services.

Welcome to the future... It is INTRIGUE

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Too bad it would cost an arm and a leg at the moment... in two years it probably will be a standard. Me wants!
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Absolutely! This was my "I gotta have it" player!
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Ooooh. I like.
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Indigo, You had my vote

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I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS THING!!!!!!! exellent job!, but i dont see the screen size
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good job!
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Default I did a search

This is not a real player.. It seems someone here just constructed this as a blueprint for what people want.. I'd want it.. Especially the idea that it would allow people to custom design applications for it.. Note, the Samsung YP-T9 I have right now can run flash games, I wonder if its possible to have it run flash apps.. Anyhow, I'm satisfied with what I have.. I wonder what sort of hapic feedback the screen would have.. Some years ago when I went to the SIGGRAPH conference, which I've attended four times in the past, someone had a robotic arm connected to a pen, with a hapic feedback version of OpenGL, and you could manipulate objects with the pen and run it across bumped mapped surfaces and feel the texture.. It was a thrill, but they wanted 5000 dollars for the device at the time, and if you dropped the pen, it would fall into a convulsive fit..
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Originally Posted by rofthorax View Post
This is not a real player.. It seems someone here just constructed this as a blueprint for what people want..
this was part of an ABi contest called 'Photoshop a Fake' where the members created fakes of players like you'd see on the internet...
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Me like too!

Great, fantastic features!
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Wooaaaaaa. Your good. Even if the flash capacity was only 16 GB, I'd still buy this!
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Spotted late but DAMN - TOTAL pRon!!!!
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