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Default formatted e200, rockbox bootloader still there?

Just a quick question - I had to format my e200. Now when I turn it on it still tries to load rockbox (I didn't expect this to happen after a format?!), can't find the files, and so it shuts off. This is not a problem, it can still boot to the OF by pressing 'back' but right now I'm not sure of the correct re-installation procedure for putting rockbox back on.

Should I follow the directions to uninstall, and then re-install? Not sure where in the process I already am. Thanks for your help.
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When you formatted it, you did not format the hidden 20MB firmware partition.

To get rockbox back on, just unzip a build onto your player. It can be an official build or a custom build. The bootloader is still there.
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In other words: even though you format the e200 unit, the Rockbox bootloader will still be there because, it is stored in the hidden 20 MB firmware partition. This is a special portion of the memory that stores essential system firmware, and is exclusive of formatting.
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