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Default Bluetooth Passkey?

I want to connect my P2 to my Razr over Bluetooth, but I can't figure out what my Passkey is. How do you find the Bluetooth passkey? Maybe a whole walkthrough for connecting would help
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default passkey is 0000 (your probably never changed it)

try it out an' let me know
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0000 worked for me
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When you connect to your phone, your phone will ask you to put in a passkey. You can make this any number you want. Then your P2 will ask you for your passkey and you have to enter in the same one. But yea, 0000 works just fine lol, but so does any other number.
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As I understand, thats the same for all bluetooth devices. One side asks for a passkey, and it can be anything as long as you input the same number when the other device asks for it.

The object of that protocol is to ensure that both devices (and their owners) intend to pair and allow the exchange of information. AKA the point is to prevent hijacking of the device.
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please people, i dont mean to sound like a jerk, but PLEASE search the forums before you post a new thread! thx
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