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Default Express firmware flashed twice with same firmware

When I first got my 2GB Express I charged it up then went and updated the firmware. Then when I unplugged it and let the update finish, I plugged it back in and I decided to check for updates with the Sansa updater program again.

Upon checking for updates again it somehow said there was another firmware update so I downloaded it again and it turned out to be the same thing.

Then I realized what happened: After unplugging the Express to complete the firmware update, that red S icon was still there in my system tray. It never closed after unplugging the Express. It still thought the Express was plugged in. I could duplicate the event and upon unplugging the Express the updater still ran. I could even open the updater and have it search for updates and show the same firmware that I already have.

I had no choice to close the updater and have it re-open from plugging the Express back in. Then it would recognize that the firmware was up to date and not let me download the firmware again.

My question is: Could have flashing the same firmware twice have had any negative effect on the Express? So far, it works great. The firmware in the player reads as 01.01.05A2. Does that sound about right?

The problem was that when I plugged the Express back in the first time after updating the firmware, the Sansa updater was still running and did not recognize the firmware was updated. It still showed the firmware that was pre-installed. Therefore it let me update the firmware a complete second time.

There seem to be some kinks left in the Sansa updater that need ironed out. Like sometimes the updater, upon clicking on "check for updates", suddenly brings up an error message saying there is no internet connection when that is certainly not true (cable internet).
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