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Unhappy New 2GB Blue Clip Self Discharges

The battery problem I have experienced from setup is real. I have found others also experiencing it on the Sansa Clip Community Forum. Thought I'd post it here so that it might help others as well as I could find out if it has happened to ABI members. My first full charge really didn't make it beyond 5 hours of play and when I turned it on the next morning another chunk of power was gone on the indicator. My second charge also took 3+ hours. I got 6 hours play from it and overnight indicator down to half from the fourth of the night before. I have the new firmware so I do believe the battery to be defective. I have a replacement policy from Best Buy but they will be sold out after Christmas. Oh well! Is anyone else having problems with battery? Donna in Arkansas
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If BB is out, you can always call SanDisk for an RMA.

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Not experiencing any battery related problems at all.

To update my response to your other post on battery life...
I used it for about 3.5 hours on a drive to the airport on Tuesday. I used it for most of a 4.5 hour flight on Wednesday. Today (Sat) it shows as half charge left.
It is now Monday and the display still shows half charge. This strikes me as typical of my previous usage of the clip.

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SanDisk describes both the Express and the Clip as having 15 hour batteries. Given that both devices have virtually identical operating capabilities, it's likely that the smaller form factor and lighter weight of the Clip was achieved at the expense of the battery. I too have noticed that the Clip discharges quite rapidly when not being used and that it takes 2-3X longer to charge than my Express. I ran a simple experiment yesterday by charging up my Express and Clip, then periodically checking the percentage of charge remaining as indicated in the "Properties" window in WinXP. After just 3 hours of non-use, the Clip was down to 85%. After 12 hours, it was down to 75%. After 16 hours it was down to 70%. At this rate, the battery will be nearly half discharged in a day while the device is turned off. The residual charge on the battery in my Express remained at 100% throughout this period! It remains to be seen if this is a characteristic of the Clip in general or if some units have good batteries and others do not. My Clip happens to be black. It's unlikely that the "Blue" ones have a unique problem with the battery.

When I plug in my Express to charge the battery, I make sure it is turned off and locked down. That way, when I unplug it from the PC it stays powered down. If you plug it in while it's off but not locked, it turns itself on when you remove it from the PC. Since the display goes dark after a few seconds, you may not notice that it is turned on and be surprised to find the battery dead next time you want to use it. This trick doesn't work with the Clip. Even if it's turned off and locked down when you plug into a PC, it will turn itself on when you disconnect from the USB port. You must make a deliberate effort to unlock it and turn it off if you don't want to quickly run down the battery. This behavior could probably be easily fixed with a firmware tweak.
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Default Take it back, it's defective


My red Clip (one of the first ones to come out of the factory) did the same thing, and I thought it was normal. (ran down the battery and did full charge just to make sure, etc).

But, after reading about ones that didn't self-discharge on Sandisk's own forums (, I realized that it's NOT normal to self-discharge.

Got a new one yesterday, did full charge, listened for 2 hours, sat overnight, listened for an hour more, and it's still showing a full charge.

So, take it back and get a different one. This one also doesn't squeak when you press along the edges. Hopefully they've worked out any manufacturing issues now. :-)

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

P.S. If you charge with a 5V USB charger (Motorola Razr charger, etc), it seems to charge more reliably if you leave the player on while it's charging (repeat a song or something).

P.P.S. Update the firmware when you get your new one. :-)
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Thanks for all the good info. From showing full charge last night, it dropped to 66% by a.m. I am going to take it back because I can't bear having to charge it constantly and it would not last very long anyway. I'm curious and there was nothing in the user info. How low can a good one go, still turn on, and keep place? 25% or one mark on the indicator? Donna in Arkansas
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I charged yesterday, played around with it, turned it off, and this morning it still shows a "full" battery.

Something must be goofy with yours (assuming you are turning the Clip off).
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I turn it off at night and most times by pushing power up for 2-3 secs. and it gives the goodbye message. Occasionally, I use pause during the day when phone rings etc. If you can't do that with a player what good is it? This morning I checked and the Clip has only a tiny bit showing on the indicator but the PC says 49% after 7+ hours of play. I'm going to run the battery out just to see total time for play. As long as it operates I'm going to do more testing both on the battery and on loading MP3 files since I'm in no hurry to get to after Xmas sale crowd. LOL I really like this little beast and I think the battery is truly defective but don't know if any other BB has in stock will be any better. On the plus side, it marks my place in my audio book even when it resets to Music after a PC check or charge; when I go back to part of the Audible book I'm listening to it is right on target. I also suspect the battery indicator is not accurate either. Donna in Arkansas
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It's always worth-while to update your firmware just in case. Instructions can be found at the Sandisk Sansa website. If the auto updater doesn't work, you can follow the instructions here:

A small number of us must've gotten bad batteries / charge circuits. But after getting the new one, the battery life has been excellent! :-)
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Default brand new battery "not formatted"?

hey guys,
i got a brand new 2gb+fm black one. the full charge took ~ 6.5 hours, after 2 hours in "stand-by" state (slided the power switch up- when it says Goodbye) battery level reported 72% (checked via Properties under My Computer). Reminds me when i got a new battery for PSP, it took ~ 10 cycles until it began to operate correctly.
i mean, we receive the clip in a deeply discharged state and the battery needs to be formatted via some charging cycles. i would test this by full discharge/charge system.
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Had this problem with my Black 2gb FM Clip, get replaced by new one, but the problem seems to be same. After approx. 4 days, the battery is dead empty. Not sure, how many cycles I should make, till replacing it again.

I would like to know what the number on the bottom of the Clip means. I need to know to avoid replacing for another one with faulty battery. Mine reads BE0711AJPK. What's yours on battery drain problematic Clip?

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