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Default Some questions regarding the Clip

Hi, I'm considering whether to buy a Clip and I'd appreciate it if you guys could answer the following questions:

1. What are the average file upload and download speeds?

2. At the link provided at the bottom of the message, I see that the Clip has by default a "MUSIC" folder. I assume music files must be stored there and that I can store whatever I want (non-mp3) files in other folders?

3. I believe we can still store music in subdirectories under "MUSIC?" So I could have "MUSIC/artist/song.mp3?"

4. People have been complaining about no file/folder browsing support. We could circumvent this by creating m3u playlists right? How do we play m3u playlists? I can't seem to find anywhere that explains that.

5. I have a Bluetooth headset and it came with a mini-USB universal (100-250V) AC adapter. It says output is DC 5.0V +- 5% and minimum and maximum currents are 150 mA and 400 mA, respectively. Does anyone know if I can use that to charge a Clip without damaging it?

6. Can we use a Energizer Energi To Go to charge the Clip on long trips/flights?

Thanks in advance. The link is here:
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