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Default Lg Mf-fm33

I'm looking for a possible to-be mp3 player, and I am really interested in the LG MF-FM33. I never knew LG made mp3s, but this one seems impressive. The problem is, it doesn't seem to sell in Canada, and if it does it's very hard to find in retail. Does anybody have the FM33, and if so, how is the experience? And how much was it? All help is appreciated Thank you for advance
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I have it and the player itself is decent, but the program (LG Media Center) that you use to manage your music, pictures and videos is horrible. It crashes very easily (tried with two different computers, other had XP and other Vista) and it's not pleasant to use. The program didn't update my player's firmware when it was supposed and when I tried to update the program itself it crashed every time I tried to open it so that I had to reinstall it. I paid 150 from mine almost a year ago, it's probably much cheaper there as I live in Finland and everything is quite expensive here.

I don't know if I would by this player again now that I have experienced how much LG Media Center sucks. Maybe I would as the player itself works fine and is more stylish than it's rivals in the same price category.
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Particularly, I wouldn't buy a MP3 player from brands like LG or Philips. They have too many different product lines (from TV sets to portable audio to microwaves) and their research and support resources aren't focused on the portable audio market. Personally, I had a Philips GoGear player, and while the product was half-decent, the support from Philips was terribly painful. I ended selling it for cheap. Bundled software for these products is plagued with bugs more often than not, and I wouldn't expect frequent software and firmware updates.

Samsung is the exception to the rule, I guess.
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Mine keeps saying USB suspended whenever I plug it to my computer to transfer music... Is that normal??
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Originally Posted by WackaFlocka View Post
Mine keeps saying USB suspended whenever I plug it to my computer to transfer music... Is that normal??
Welcome to ABi.

Now, did you look at the date of the last post in this thread? It's DOA,...time for a new player perhaps. Clip+ or clipzip maybe,...
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