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Default Tutorial: Converting video using MediaCoder

*GUIDE UPDATED 1-31-08. Important setting found missing and corrected, which would cause file format not supported message. Better guide coming up

I thought I would write this guide because there is always a lot of questions on how to get video working correctly on the NS-DV. This is for the NS-DV4G but should work on the other versions. It will show how to convert video files and/or dvd files to AVI for the player.

1. Install Mediacoder:

Go to and download the latest full version. This is probably one of the best free programs which will convert from virtually any video/audio format to another. It is very customizable, convert from dvd direct, zoom and crop, subtitles, customize just about anything.

2. Setup the file(s) for encoding:

To add the files you are encoding, you can drag them right into the window. Or you can click on the 'Add' button up top and choose Add Files or Add Folder. To add a DVD click on Add Track. If the dvd is ripped to your hard drive browse for it using the second button (Disc Root/URL). You can even encode straight from the DVD. If it is in the DVD drive choose the drive letter. It should show all the tracks on the left side, choose the tracks you want and then the chapters and click Add and Close.

Important forgot to add this. Thanks to another forum member TheDreamDoc. You have to go to File > Settings. In the settings window expand OVERALL, then expand VIDEO OPTIONS. In VIDEO OPTIONS, there is one setting that says OVERRIDE FOURCC of OUTPUT STREAM. You must change that to "XVID", all capitals.

3. Encoding:

Now the files you are encoding should be on the list of files. On the bottom half of the screen click on the Audio tab. Change the encoder to LAME MP3. Change the Resample to anything you want but I usually leave it as Original so that it is same as the file. Channel should be Stereo. If you are doing a DVD, change the Audio ID to 128 which is usually the main DVD audio. On the right side of the screen you can change the LAME MP3 settings, don't go over 192kbps it probably wont work. Also I would recommend to leave it on CBR, VBR might cause some problems with navigating movies.

Click on the Video tab. Change the mode to Bitrate-Based. You can move the slider to whatever bitrate but I would recommend not going over 512Kbps which is clear enough for DVD's. Go lower to save space or if match your video's bitrate if it is low. Change the Format to MPEG4. Change the container to AVI. Leave the Source and Backend checked as auto-select. Click on the Muxer tab, check it on Auto-Select. Click on the Picture tab. Change Resize to 320x240. Change the crop, I would recommend choose Manual. A window comes up where you can crop the video. Usually choosing Auto-Crop at the top will crop it for you or you can choose Free-Cropping and do it yourself. You can close that. You don't have to change the Frame rate unless it is over 30fps then lower it to 30fps. Click Start button at top and that should be it. It should encode pretty fast depending on the file and how big it is. You can then connect your player in File/Folder mode and drag the video on to it. Videos came out pretty good without any navigation/sound problems for me. You can also go to Save Preset and save your preset for Insignia and load it up any time.

Any comments, additions or need help, please Reply.
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