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Lightbulb Clip on Mac G5 OS 10.4.11

Is there any way to use 'Clip' on a Mac for charging, firmware updates and as a UMS device?

The first one I bought came partially charged and I was able to drag and drop mp3 files onto music folder without problem but was returned because FM tuner had no sound but no problem with music play back.

Replacement came without charge; connected to USB, would charge for only short period and would freeze when turned on, with none of the controls responding. Only way to turn off was to hold 'on' control for 15 sec., restart goes back to the frozen display and same sequence.

Is there any hope or be condemned to iPod Shuffle?

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Default using the Clip with a Mac

I have found that the best way to charge the Clip is to use an external USB charger. It seems to charge my Clip much faster than trying to do it by connecting to the computer.

You can certainly drag and drop music files to the Music folder of the Clip, but you need to watch out that extraneous files will be created because of the Mac's folder structure. You may often get files that start with "._" and you may also get ".DS_Store" on the Clip. I have an Applescript that I created to take care of this problem. If you are interested in it, let me know. I'm also working on an Applescript that will let you copy iTunes playlists to the Clip fairly easily.
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rvmeush, could you send me (or post) the Applescript which gets rid of those extraneous files? PM me for my email address if you want to go that route.
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I went to plugin two clips on the same USB hub (apparently unpowered at the time) and one suddenly got dismounted with the usual warning on Mac OS X. From then on the player would freeze when booting at the title screen. I tried removing all of the files and I tried using the firmware update .bin file found on this forum to fix it. The only way to fix was to reformat the player's disk which I did on a Windows machine but imagine you could also do on a Mac machine if you reformat it for FAT32. I'm pretty sure the "MS-DOS File System" choice in Disk Utility for Erase produces FAT32.

I've had no trouble that I can think of just using it as a USB drive to copy and delete mp3 files on the Mac using latest Tiger.
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