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Default Tutorial: Displaying Lyrics On Your P2

This tutorial explains how to display lyrics on your P2. For this to work you need the KOREAN firmware (any version) and MTP or UMS mode (thanks to those who found this out through experimentation). Info on changing your firmware is located here.

You need to use either Samsung Media Studio(SMS) or LyricsStation v2.45 (for those who don't know korean, use LyricsStation)

Instructions using SMS
1. SMS has to be installed in the korean language. so for those of you who don't know korean use LyricsStation.
2. Install SMS (select korean for the language when you first install)
3. Run SMS
4. Select the music file you want to add lyrics to.
5. Right click the music file
6. Click 곡 정보 가져오기(get tag info) - you have to have you ID tag set correctly for this to work.
7. SMS will search for tags to fit your file. When the window pops up select the tag that fits your file best.
8. Right click the file again.
9. This time select 가사 관리>가사 검색/가사 입력 (manage lyrics>search for and input lyrics manually/enter lyrics automatically) choose either depending on which one you prefer
10. Once you inserted the lyrics, move the file to your P2
10. now move on to the P2 directions.

Instructions Using LyricsStation
1. Connect your P2 to the computer.
2. Install LyricsStation (language doesn't matter)
3. The first time you open LyricsStation, it will go through an AutoUpdate
4. Ignore the mp3 model selection in the top left corner. It doesn't matter. This program only affects the music file.
5. On the left side search for your P2 under my computer.
6. Select the P2 location.
7. Now on the right side select the music file you want to add lyrics to.
8. On the top there are icons.. Marking, Search, LDB Del, Editor, etc.
9. Click on the Marking icon if you're lazy like me and want the lyrics added automatically. You need to have your ID tags set properly for this to work.
10. Click on the Search icon if you're ID tags aren't set properly or you just have too much time and want to search for the lyrics using artist and title.
11. Once you add lyrics, move onto the P2 instructions \/\/\/

P2 Instructions
1. Once you disconnect the P2, it will do an automatic library update.
2. Turn the P2 on.
3. Play the music file that you added lyrics to.
4. In the "now playing" screen, click (well... touch on??) the menu (the little box with lines).
5. Under this setting click (touch) lyrics and put the setting to "on".
6. When any music file with lyrics plays, you will now see lyrics that have timed highlights

Thanks to RichardC11 there's a way to add a YP-P2 option in LyricsStation.

Add the following lines to the top of the "PlayerInfos.ini" file in the "\Program Files\Samsung\Lyrics Station\ folder.


This will allow the maximum number of characters in each line. It will also give you support for VBR file marking (you won't be able to edit these lyrics though).

I will dig around to try and find out how to make the lyrics flow by character and not by line... more to come

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