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Default Sony Media Manager Out for Walkman


44.8 megs, made me installed quicktime 7 for it to work. I installed it, opened it, it seems ok, almost too simple. But there is no video conversion, to get that you need to pay 12 bucks in order to get the pro version of the program. which is bad thinking from sony again.

I uninstalled my copy, and will continue to use WMP11 with my 818.
-Ascariss - Sony Crew
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Sony did the same thing to the PSP, demanding money for a video conversion program. Thats very bad service from a company, when video is a feature it should come with video comversion software. Lost of free alternatives though, but still
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Well, it does have RSS feed support for podcasts and the like, but of course the actual player doesn't really have much functionality in that regard. Generally speaking though, it seems like a big waste of effort for Sony. Why release something like this when WMP11 does it a lot better?
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They didn't really waste any effort at all - from the pictures on the website, it looks EXACTLY like the PSP Media Manager with the profiles changed. I have that particular software, and it is terrible. It has a lack of options and is resource-hungry. Its capabilities are limited.
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this thing is slow, and it does not include video conversion abilities without paying for pro, what a load of crap it should be included with it.
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