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Default Rockbox Sansa <--> Car Receiver w/ USB

I plan to buy a new car receiver/headunit with a USB input. Many seem to support iPod and "other mp3 players". From a quick search of the main e200 forums it seems that these headunits should work and index the Sansa properly via the USB connection on the HU. My question is, will this work with a Rockboxed Sansa? I guess there's no reason to think it wouldn't work, but I am curious if anyone has firsthand experience with this. Thanks!
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I'm guessing it would work as long as you boot up in the OF. After all it would have to have to be like a usb drive.
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Im very interested in a USB HU. Please, tell us your expererience after you buy it.
I friend has a Sony one (and hes using a 1Gb pendrive). But the HU rebuild its database each time he starts it. From what i undestand, the HU reads the USB storage device and make something like a Database, but (this is the problem) it does not save it in the USB storage. So next time you connect it, it will do the same. I hope newer HU do something more intelligent.
Which HU models are you taking into account?
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I have a JVC HU with USB. The sansa e280 works from the OF, but obviously not in Rockbox. It takes a moment at first to read the files if you have many as I do, but it does work just fine. It also charges the unit. I was concerned at first becuase the manual states that the HU only works with flash drives up to 4GB, but it actually reads 8GB without problem. It does not read from the MicroSD card though.
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