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Default Just got a Sansa e280 8gb need a bit of help.

There was no CD that came with it so I don't got the program to put files onto the MP3 player. Or do I just go to My Computer and open the player up that way and just throw the stuff on there?
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you can just open it on my computer and put stuff on it, it doesnt need a type of software to do it unlike ipods and zunes
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Ahh, k cool. Thanks.
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You can put your player into MTP mode (Settings>USB Mode>MTP) and use Windows media player, or you can put it into MSC Mode (Settings>USB Mode>MSC) and drag and drop all of your content that way.

You don't really need the CD unless you want to transfer videos with Sansa Media Converter,and I believe the CD also comes with a PDF version of the manual
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