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Default Clip or Price dip? Which one has better sound? E250 or Clip?

Please help me out. I saw the Best Buy ad for this weekend advertising the Sansa, and was thinking about buying it. Then I looked closer, and realized it was one of the “doorbuster” items. I am sure you know what those are, but if not, they are items that can only be bought with the help of tickets. Only if you arrived in line on Wednesday can you gain these Magic Tickets. Each one enables you to buy one “Doorbuster” item, and there are only so many tickets. The tickets are also suspected to be the only know cure for cancer, but hell if any of the scientists can wrest them away from shoppers to test this.

This fact caused me to think again. I would wait starting Wednesday for a two hundred dollar laptop, but not for a 35 dollar MP3 player. (Normally $60.) I also didn't have 235 to buy both. (Plus tax.) I had thirty bucks, plus change. A 25 dollar saving was not worth waiting for, even if I started at three in the morning. Maybe if I got there at seven maybe some would be left nonetheless.
Just in case, I researched alternatives. I found that the Sansa e250 is legendary. Not only is supposed to be good, but it works with Rockbox. Thus, I resigned myself to “settiling” for one of those.
However, when I got there at eight, there were tons left. So, I bought one to try it out. As I speak, it is still charging. Now, rockbox has quite a few features, not the least which of is it’s ability to play txt files. However, No matter how many features it has, or how much it can display album art, if the newest model has better sound, as the review seems to be saying, that is what I will stick to. So I ask you, forum readers, please help me. Which one has better sound quality on the same headphones or speakers.
P.S. Could someone post picks or a video of Rockbox displaying text? Just below Cruelworld posted a video. However, can anyone send a video with the txt file reaing highlighted? This one highlights everything, and it keeps going out of focus. No offense, Cruelworld, but that kinda didn't give me a clear view.

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