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Default YP-T8 vs. e250

hi guys i'm seriously at a crossroads here, i'm about to get my next mp3 player (should last me acouple of years) and i'm torn between the T8 and the e250.

the e250 has:

-has more memory(for songs and pics)
-a replaceable battery

-sound quality not as good
-2gb but holds less video and needs to segment movies
-bugs galore....

the T8 has:

-waaaay more featues than the e250
(games, txt, in-line, and hosting)
-from what i've heard, with the help of its compression software, can hold upto 3 full length videos


-only 1gb but
-you can't (prove me wrong and my decision is made) replace the battery.


right now i am seriously thinking about canceling my order for the e250 and getting a T8, what do you guys think?
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I consider the YP-T8 to be somewhat of a darkhorse candidate that hasn't received the attention that it seemngly deserves. Here's a link to over a hundred happy user reviews on the YP-T8:

There are, however, a few things that you should probably be aware of if you're considering buying one. First of all, the YP-T8 does NOT support album art. I'm also pretty sure that the YP-T8 is going to be discontinued and replaced by the YP-D1 -- This probably means that customer support will be fairly limited for this device. The advantage to this, however, is that you can probably get a great price on these at your local BB or CC -- They've already taken them off their websites so I wouldn't be surprised if you saw them being liquidated at below clearance/open box buy prices. I saw the 512MB version on sale at Fry's for only $79 just over just 2 months ago!

Its also worth mentioning that the video capabilities are WAY more efficient/practical than the E200 series. Its been reported that a FULL LENGTH dvd can be converted to an acceptable viewing format that takes up LESS THAN 200MB! Battery life when watching video is an impressive 8 hours, which far excels the overrated Ipod video! In short, the YP-T8 easily represents the most bang for the buck; As you've already mentioned, the T8 has more features than anything else out there -- They've even included a high quality silicon case!

IF you can live with the 1GB capacity (this was the deal breaker for me which is why I bought the Z5), then I say go for it!
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personally i would go for the T8. because the video conversion is very easy to ues and also compresses it vERY well. i converted a movie (family guy one) which is roughly about 90mins and it was about 185mb. amazing!. the controls might be a little small but i dont really care because its not that hard to access. the battery life is amazing. i managed to pull out about 5 hours for videos and about 17hours for music.. imo cancel the E250 and get a T8. it's worht it.
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Mmk well uve probably bought that mp3 player already...i think u bought it around the same time i did...
But for those of you who dont know theres a 2 gig version with a 2megapix camera somewhere ..i forget the name..
It was around that time when i was buying that it was released
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