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Default ZVM with 128 GB SSD is born! ;-)


Now my ZVM Projekt/ dream has ended with happy end. I replaced the 80 GB HDD and fitted in a 128 GB SSD (runcore 1,8 zoll pro IV PATA ZIF, Solid State Drive for Macbook Air Rev A). It works great, now two month without any problems. By the way, I fitted in a bigger Ipod Batterie. How to replace the batterie (pcm card) is described in my post (and the post from dwaneR) in the batterie thread.

Why a SSD for a Macbook? It was an accident, but ist works fine. Iīll explaine...
I first tried a Mach Xtreme Technology Nano ZIF Series 120GB, but it doesnīt work. Itīs a cheap SSD (210 Euro) but the controller (Controller: eastwho EWS 720) is not compatible with the ZVM.
I had the hope to get a SSD from Photofast with a Indilinx Barefoot Controller. This one is compatible. But the price is about 430 Euro an it is not easy to get.

One day, after a bottle of wine, surfing in the net, I found the runcore SSD with the Indilinx Barefoot Controller, about 370 Euro. I ordered it without reading the specifications carefully. As I read the specs holding the SSD in my hands I regreted the bottle of wine ;-). But I tried it anyway and perhaps you can imagine my happiness as.... it worked.
It may be that the version for the mac is only a special casing.... donīt know. As you can see on the image, I disassembled it to get more space for the bigger batterie. I dont know if necessary, but I isolated/wrapped the naked SSD with read adhasive tape. If you use the standard batterie, it is not necessary to disassemble the SSD. Just fit in the zif connector and connect.

Here some pics:

Have Fun!
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