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Default What Microsoft Should Make Next

I've been hearing a lot of cool stuff about the new abilities that have been added to the Zune's WiFi, both in the new Zunes 4, 8, and 80 as well as the old Zune 30. Of course, the coolest one is the Wireless Sync, allowing users to add new content to their devices over their home wireless network, without ever plugging the device into anything.

But you know what I think Microsoft should add to its lineup, which would have the potential to revolutionize the way we consume music? Wireless music streaming. Not to your Zune, but rather, from your Zune to a set of special WiFi-enabled speakers. These speakers would be able to play music wirelessly from any Zune (or any other music-playing WiFi- or Bluetooth-enabled device) within signal range, and the only thing that would be controlled from the speakers is which device plays music. Everything else would be controlled from the players themselves, including its user saying "yes" to a confirmation message after the speakers would send a request to connect and receive a music stream.

Just think about how great this would be for parties: everyone would bring their own devices and be their own DJs without ever having to let their devices out of their sight. On top of that, they could still hang out wherever they want at the joint, and do whatever the heck they want and still control what's blaring. In terms of being universally compatible, it might be ahead of its time, but Bluetooth is already becoming standard in cellphones (or at least the ones "smart" enough to double as MP3 players), and it is my opinion that WiFi will become a de facto standard in standalone MP3 players in the next few years. Software compatibility with the audio system could be added to any device with the hardware compatibility to connect via a simple firmware add-on or update to whatever device is to be made compatible.

To make a long story short, that would be just freakin' awesome. Microsoft could take the idea and run with it, not only by producing the first such speaker system but by inventing the compatibility standard, just like how they invented PlaysForSure, the most widely accepted DRM standard which is compatible with the most devices. If they don't make innovations like this, then they will really once again miss the potential of the Zune's WiFi.
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