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Default AlbumArt thoughts....

Currently the comimited AlbumArt is a good news.

However there are some issues that I think need to be taken into consideration.
First, my mp3 files are in the MUSIC folder, and aren't organized by folders, they're all there, some 200 at the moment. Now if i want to add AlbumArt for all of those i need to:

- Get all the Album Art images from the net, or with a program (RockAA being one).

- Resize them to 100x100 in order not to get jaggy pictures when I use them with the KratoJet theme. If I use the Zune theme (as each theme has a specific size for AlbumArt), the images gets zoomed in and they look ugly. The scaling algorithm isn't 'smooth'.

- Then i need to rename each .bmp file to the 'Artist - Track Name' convention. That's 200 files renamed one by one (there's no other way to do it, not an easy one at least.)

In the end I end with 200 songs and 200 .bmp files (i repeat that all the mp3 files are in one folder).

Now if Rockbox has embedded(JPEG) AlbumArt support and a better resizing algorithm, you can simply add an AlbumArt image to every single file with MediaMonkey (i've tried and it works, I'm sure there are other apps that can do that as well), we can like add a 300x300 image inside the .mp3 and we don't have to go through the process of converting, resizing and renaming.

It's easy to do that with 10-20 songs, but with today's DAP capacity we usually have at least a 100 songs in our players.

As for now I am not ready to go into the process I mentioned above in order to get AlbumArt on my Sansa, although I would love to have Album Art.
But all that work isn't worth it, for now at least.

Just wanted to share this opinion in the forum.
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